About us

Permanent residence Ukraine Kyiv city, me a successfully managed to develop the interior design, not only in their country but also outside it.
Try much as possible achieve positive results and success. Develop and implement tasks, ideas, suggestions set by the customer. Seeks to the improvement and implementation of tasks in a certain term.


InteriorM was founded in 2016. Just like the spirit of Interior & Magic metaphorized by InteriorM, it takes rationality as its cornerstone, actively embraces complex design conditions and needs, and always presents magical works on this basis.

InteriorM insists on bold design ideas and in-depth academic research, and has won many awards in the industry’s authoritative competition. Its business covers interior design, urban design, object design, concept design architectural design, and landscape design. Team formation with different professional and cultural backgrounds enables the tree to have an international perspective and a pluralistic cultural concept. Standing trees are characterized by a keen sense of smell and accurate grasp of the urban social structure and historical environment, based on rigorous workflow and high-quality design services, based on contemporary cities, and provide people with better life experience and space media in a transcendent manner.