• measuring and photographing the premises where the design project will be developed
  • overall dimensions of the plan
  • plan of installation and dismantling of partitions (2-3) options
  • information about existing window and door openings
  • layout with furniture layout (2-3) options
  • layout with lighting fixtures (2-3) options
  • plan of placement of electric power in the room (2-3) options
  • switch layout layout (2-3) options
  • floor layout plan with material layout (2-3) options
  • sweep of walls with arrangement of materials (2-3) variants
  • plan for decoration of the ceiling from the location of materials (2-3) options
  • preliminary specification of general materials
  • calculation of the number of plinths, heating pipes (2-3) options
  • section of the ceiling for the necessary options
  • general drawings of ladders
  • planning the placement of heating (2-3) options


  • graphic image made in 3-D programming, or hand-made, (2-3) perspectives of one agreed space in a common project


  • a section of the room indicating the location of the main furniture elements
  • estimates of windows and doors
  • estimates of materials
  • estimate of electrical appliances
  • estimate of furniture
  • an estimate of the basic elements of decoration
  • author’s fulfilment of the project